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Plasmonics and Quantum Nanophotonics

Welcome !

We are the Plasmonics and Quantum Nanophotonics team !

The activities of the team are under the supervision of Pr. Jean-Jacques GREFFET, Full Professor, and Dr. Benjamin VEST, Assistant Professor of Optics and Photonics at Institut d'Optique Graduate School.

Plasmonique et Nanophotonique Quantique - 5 juillet 2019
Quantum Plasmonics and Nanophotonics-  July 5th 2019
From left to right : Léo Wojszvzyk (PhD 2019) - Pr. Jean-Jacques Greffet - Anne NGuyen (PhD 2022) - Dr. Cheng Zhang (PhD 2019 - Postdoc) - Valentin MAGRO (Intern 1A 2019) - Elise Bailly (PhD 2022) - Ahmad Matar ABED (Intern NSF REU 2019) - Hector MONIN (PhD 2020) - Dr. Benjamin Vest, Assistant Professor

The Quantum Plasmonics and Nanophotonics team is engaged in research focused on the understanding and the control of spontaneous emission of light by a range of objects, from assemblies of emitters to single quantum emitters. We consider spontaneous emission as a general process that can take a number of forms, such as photoluminescence, thermal emission or electroluminescence, that all represent different research topics of our group. We work both on theory and on experimental aspects.

We are always interested by outstanding, highly-motivated candidates, driven by the passion for light sciences and willing to join a young and dynamic research team ! If you want to apply for a PhD program or a postdoc position, you are encouraged to look at the "Prospective Group Members" page and to contact us.

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