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Sources ultra-rapides

The laser group works on developing unique femtosecond sources in terms of power, pulse duration, central wavelength, and so on. This research is based on original designs for the laser architecture or nonlinear optical systems. Current topics include
-    Increasing the contrast of high intensity laser installations, in collaboration with LULI/Apollon and Thales.
-    Innovative sources for biomedical applications such as multiphoton imaging and optogenetics, in collaboration with LOB and Institut de la vision.
-    High repetition rate few-cycle CEP-stable lasers for attosecond physics, in collaboration with LIDyL and Amplitude.
-    Femtosecond optical parametric amplifiers in the SWIR / MIR for high harmonic generation in crystals and multidimensional spectroscopy, in collaboration with Fastlite, Amplitude and LOB.
-    Multipass cells as a general tool for ultrafast nonlinear optics.

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