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Electron Beam Lithography System nBL3

Nanobeam Limited's NBL3 electron beam lithography system was installed at the PTC in Thales RT at the end of 2005. Small and compact, it can nevertheless produce high quality electronic writings on samples up to 200mm.

The equipment was extensively upgraded in 2023, significantly improving any stitching problems and unquestionably increasing its reliability. To this day, it remains a powerful and rapid tool for producing high-precision nanometric devices.

Technical characteristics



  • Acceleration voltage: 20 kV up to 100 kV (routine use 80kV)
  • Probe current: up to 100nA
  • Spot size: 3nm
  • Current resolution: 20nm but it is theoretically possible to go below 15nm
  • Exposure dose control: in real time, with 0.5 Hz increments


  • Magnification: up to x 300,000
  • Laser interferometric controlled plate (positioning accuracy λ/2048 or 0.31 nm)
  • Displacement: X 200mm, Y 200mm


  • Automatic sample transfer from the airlock to the plate
  • Cassette : 10 chucks
  • Chuck: electrostatic and mechanical clamping.


  • Sample sizes: wafers from 2 to 8" (20.3 cm); masks (rectangular) up to 7" (17.8 cm), square samples from 5mm to 20 mm.
  • Writing field: up to 800 µm with a resolution of 1nm
  • Writing area: 198 mm x 198 mm
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