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Metrology activity

roughness measurement

 Zygo 5500

(heterodyne interferometer at 633nm)

z<300 nm peak to peak

spatial frequency between few mm-1 and few 100 mm-1

noise = few 0,001 nm RMS

Measure on a 1mm long circular path.

Mecanical adaptation is needed to keep the surface perpendicular to the beam in case of spherical surface.

Plan, concave, convex, traited or not.



Radius of curvature measurement

Measuring bench

by pointing the center of curvature and the surface.

concave surfaces.

R < 6 m: incertitude = ± 1,7.10-3 R22 mm

Surfaces caracterisation

Fizeau interferometer

No contact measurement (100 mm beam diameter)
Plans, concaves, convexes, not traited
Plane reference (λ/100)
Spherical references (from f/0,75 to f/10,3)

Surfaces caracterisation

Phase shift microscope

(WYKO NT1100)


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