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Imaging and Information

Welcome to the "Imaging and Information" group!

Today, information processing is at the heart of all imaging systems. Our mission is to invent innovative imaging solutions that exploit the full potential of digital data processing. The range of applications is immense: remote sensing, astronomy, biomedical imaging, autonomous vehicles, industrial inspection, etc.

The originality of our approach is to base these innovations on a complete physical modeling of the imaging chain. We apply this approach to the design of innovative control laws for adaptive optics systems, and to the optimization of optical imaging systems. To this end, our group comprises two teams: "Adaptive Optics" and "Co-design".

We invite you to discover their activities and the opportunities they offer.

Adaptive optics: Adaptive optics uses a deformable mirror to correct, in real time, the optical aberrations present in images acquired through a turbulent medium. We design innovative control laws for adaptive optics, including physical modeling of these systems, to improve their performance.

Co-design: We design imaging systems where optics and digital processing are jointly optimized. We invent new optical design methods and apply them to biomedical and polarimetric imaging.

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