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Optique XUV


We develop original ideas for handling and using XUV radiation whose wavelength can vary from 100 nm to 0.1 nm. Areas as diverse as solar imaging or attosecond physics use this XUV radiation and require the development of optical components and systems at the limits of technological and metrological know-how. Our activities revolve around the following lines of research:

  • Material study, design and manufacture of coatings
  • Design and realization of advanced optical systems
  • Digital processing for attosecond metrology

First EUV images from SOLAR ORBITER captured on may 30, 2020 (FSI 17,4 nm - HRI 17,4 nm - FSI 30,4 nm)

more informations on our SOLAR ORBITER page

more informations on the ESA webpage

Latest News

  • september 2020 : an associate professor and three phd students are arrived

  • july 2020 : First images from SOLAR ORBITER spacecraft

  • february 2020 : SOLAR ORBITER launched from Cape Canaveral in Florida

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