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Welcome to the Nanophotonics group page !

In the Nanophotonics group, we explore  the light-matter interaction at very small scale. We focus on the situations where matter is structured at scales smaller than the wavelength of the light. This precision engineering is now possible thanks to tremendous progress in the field of micro and nanofabrication achieved in the past 20 years. When going that small, our understanding of the light-matter interactions can be significantly different from our daily life experience in a macroscopic world. Therefore, Nanophotonics deals both with fundamental questions and interrogations abour the nature of light and matter, but also paves the way toward innovative applications in optics, optoelectronics, biophotonics, photovoltaics and so on...

The Nanophotonics group is composed of three different team dealing with different research topics : Nano-optics and Devices, Plasmonics and Quantum Nanophotonics, and Thermoplasmonics. Click on the pictures below to reach the personal pages of our teams !

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