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Helium - Lattice

Helium - Lattice

Coordinator: David Clément 

Post-doc: Alexandre Dareau 

PhD. Students: Antoine Tenart, Gaétan Hercé, Jan-Philipp Bureik


We have built an apparatus to manipulate metastable Helium atoms (He*) loaded in optical lattices and to measure atom-atom correlations in many-body quantum states. The special properties of He*, its light mass and its large internal energy, enable an original and innovative detection method which can reconstruct the three dimensional positions of and correlations between individual atoms after a long time of free fall, providing direct access to momentum-space correlations.


July 2021: we studied the 3D Mott transition in a trap by combining experimental/theoretical approaches, in collaboration with Tommaso Roscilde. We find traits of the critical behavior expected for the 3D XY universality class of the homogeneous Bose-Hubbard model. This work was published in Physical Review A and selected as Editors' suggestion

May 2021: in a weakly-interacting Bose gas at equilibrium, quantum fluctuations induced by interactions should manifest as pairs of bosons with opposite momenta. We have directly observed these atom pairs, which are also the emblematic microscopic signature of the quantum depletion. Read our preprint here: arXiv:2105.05664 (2021).

January 2021: we investigated the preparation of quantum states of the 3D Bose-Hubbard model by comparing experimental data with Quantum Monte-Carlo calculation performed by T. Roscilde. From estimating the temperature and entropy of the lattice gases, we demonstrate the adiabatic preparation of states in the critical regime of the Mott phase transition. This is published in Physical Review Letters and selected as Editors' suggestion !

January 2021: a theoretical work investigating  atom-atom correlations in an interacting Bose gas treated within the Bogoliubov approximation is published in Physical Review A. Grazie a Giulio e Iacopo!

November 2020: Alex is joining us as a post-doc, welcome!!  

October 2020:  we studied Hanbury-Brown and Twiss correlations in the depletion of weakly interacting bosons. We showed that the measured bunching reveals the presence of the quantum depletion and phonons in the interacting Bose gas.

These results were obtained in collaboration with S. Butera and I. Carusotto from Trento, and now published in Physical Review Letters.


September 2020: J.P. is joining us for a PhD, welcome!! 

January 2020: we have studied two-body collisions occurring during the time-of-flight of lattice superfluids, from observing scattering halos. This is published in Physical Review Research and highlighted as Editors' suggestion !





April 2019: we have measured momentum-space correlations between individual atoms in a Mott insulator, finding that 2-body and 3-body correlation functions (see picture) exhibit a thermal statistics. This work is published in Physical Review X



Observation of pairs of atoms at opposite momenta in an equilibrium interacting Bose gas, A. Tenart, G. Hercé, J.-P. Bureik, A. Dareau, D. Clément, arXiv:2105.05664 (2021).

Studying the low-entropy Mott transition of bosons in a three-dimensional optical lattice by measuring the full momentum-space density, G. Hercé, C. Carcy, A. Tenart, J.-P. Bureik, A. Dareau, D. Clément, T. Roscilde, Physical Review A 104, L011301 (2021) - selected as Editors' suggestion

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