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Laboratory own facilities

Originally located in the former IOGS building in Orsay, the laboratory's technological equipments have been installed since the end of 2015 in Palaiseau, on the floor of building N.

Dedicated mainly to applications for extreme UV, they are hosted by the X-UV group and cover 120 m2 of surface classified as "clean" (78 m2 of clean room in ISO6 and ISO5 under flow, 11 m2 in ISO7 for the airlock and 41 m2 of "grey" technical rooms in ISO8) and 64 m2 of unclassified rooms mainly used for characterization tools.

Multilayers deposition tools

  • Plassys MP800 cathodic magnetron sputter deposition

Materials: B4C, Mo, Si, Si, SiC, W, Sc, Al....     Gas: Ar, N2, O2

4 rectangular targets of 200x80mm2, dynamic mode deposition

2 RF generators (100W max and 300W max) and 2 DC generators 500W max




  • Plassys MP1000 cathodic magnetron sputter deposition

Materials : Mo, Si, B4C                        Gas : Ar, N2, O2

4 rectangular targets of 200x80mm2, dynamic mode deposition

2 RF generators (700W max) and 1 DC generator 1A max


  • Ion Beam Sputter Deposition

Materials : Mo, Si, W, B4C, SiC....     Deposition control: quartz microbalance

Argon ion beam : Emax : 1500 eV, Imax :100 mA

Target diameter : 127 mm

  • Combined sputtering / evaporation Joule effect deposition tool

RF Generator : 500W max      1 3 inches traget, 1 creuset d'évaporation

Substrate size : 50 mm   Hot Substrate holder : 250°C max

Gas : Ar, O2, N2

Surface treatments

  • Ermaflux chemical hoods 

Dedicated to substrate cleaning.

Solvent (metal) and acid (polymer) hoods

Oven 250 °C maximum. Deionized water

Caracterisation tools

  • VEECO mechanical profilometer

Maximum sample size : 200mm

Minimum resolution : 2nm

Stylus: 2.5/12,5µm

Surface profile (3D analysis) and stress measurements

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