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Technological facilities at TRT


The Platform Agreement concluded with TRT, Ecole Polytechnique, CNRS and Institut d'Optique provides access to a number of tools and know-how within Thales' facilities. Many equipments are accessible in autonomous access after training, others only as a service provided by TRT engineers and technicians. For obvious confidentiality reasons , all the equipment is not detailed here, only an overview is given for information purposes.


Deposition of metals and dielectric

Electrolytical depostion of metals

Lithography : UV, laser and nano-imprint, many photoresists available (positive, negative, image reversal)

Dry etching by plasma and ion beam

Wet etching


Optical, electronic, atomic force microscopy, profilometry and so on


For LCF staff, contact the members of the Techno team for administrative procedures. For outsiders, get closer to your contact at the laboratory.


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