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A Laboratory in photonics and optical engineering

The laboratory is organized into eight research groups with well-defined research areas, and is composed of about 120 people including 17 CNRS researchers, 24 professors and associate professors from the Institut d'Optique Graduate School and 20 research support staff. Doctoral students, postdoctoral fellows and visitors account for half of the laboratory's workforce.


The Biophotonics group conducts research at the interface between Photonics and Biological and Biomedical applications.

Quantum gases

The Quantum Gases group manipulates ultra-cold quantum gases to study fundamental problems of quantum atomic optics, physics and dynamics.

Imaging and Information

The Imaging and Information group develops systems that take into account the physics of the observed scenes and that optimize the optics and digital processing.


The Laser group's activities begin with the development of laser gain media and cover a wide range of operation domains.

Quantum Plasmonics


In the Nanophotonics group, we explore  the light-matter interaction at very small scale. We focus on the situations where matter is structured at

Quantum optics

The Quantum Optics group focuses its research on the production, control, and use of quantum states of light, as well as the manipulation of quantum

Solar Orbiter

XUV optics

Our research activity focusses on three main thematics that are interconnected: Optical Surfaces & Advanced Optical Systems, Nanoscale Interference Coatings and Ultrafast Optics.

Expérience de multiplexage

Non Linear Photonics

Nonlinear photonics deals with all the modifications induced by and on the light beams in interaction with matter.

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