Imaging Systems and Physics of Images

Our group develops innovative imaging systems that take into account the physical properties of observed scenes and optimize the optical system that forms the image and the digital processing that extracts information. This approach involves both theoretical developments and experimental implementations. We address the following applications:

  • Polarization imaging
  • Adaptive optics
  • Co-design of imaging systems

We address theoretical and experimental issues in close relation with technologies and applications: remote sensing, astronomy, biomedical imaging or industrial inspection. Our activity thus brings into play multidisciplinary skills and is performed in close relation with companies (Essilor, Thales, Sagem, Imaging Eyes, …) and applied research institutes in France (ONERA, Quinze-Vingts Hospital in Paris, Paris-Meudon observatory,…) and abroad (Durham university, Gemini observatory,…). Read more.


  • JIONC 2017

    Comme chaque année, l'équipe SPIM participe à l'organisation des JIONC.