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Antoine BROWAEYS winner of the Alfred Verdaguer Prize 2021

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  • Institut d'Optique
  • Laboratoire Charles Fabry, Optique quantique

Alfred Verdaguer Prize - Fondation de l'Institut de France (3000€)

The prize is awarded to Antoine Browaeys, physicist, CNRS research director at the Charles Fabry Laboratory in the Quantum Optics group - Atoms team.
His research work focuses on the manipulation of individual atoms trapped in optical tweezers whose interactions are controlled by laser. These systems allow the study of the quantum behaviour of a small number of interacting atoms for quantum simulation or for applications in quantum optics. He is also co-founder and scientific director of Pasqal, an innovative start-up specialising in the development of quantum processors. His work was awarded the CNRS Silver Medal 2021.


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