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Seminar given by Prof. Luis Orozco

  • Séminaire (général)
  • Evénement scientifique

Seminar given by Prof. Luis A. Orozco (Joint Quantum Institute, Department of Physics and NIST University of Maryland, U.S.A.), on 22 November 2022 at 11am in the Auditorium of the Institut d'Optique Graduate School in Palaiseau, in collaboration with the C2N, on the topic: "Pulse propagation through atoms in waveguides".

Abstract: "The study of the interaction of atoms with the electromagnetic modes of a waveguide has opened a platform where it is possible to study pulse propagation and its relationship with changes in the atomic decay rates due to superradiance and subradiance. This collective phenomenon also modifies the propagation of electromagnetic pulses by presenting precursors and oscillations related to the coupling of the atomic dipoles. I will show work on propagation of pulses through optical nanofibers with atoms trapped around them when the pulses are smooth but shorter, by about a factor of three, from the atomic lifetime."

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