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XUV Optics

XUV Optics

Optical components with high surface precision and eventually multilayer coatings are key components for several scientific and industrial fields in the soft X-rays (0.1 nm to 10 nm) and Extreme UV (10 nm to 100nm) spectral ranges: EUV lithography, astrophysics, high field physics, ultrafast physics, dense plasmas, ... Rapid progress in those applications induces new requirements on multilayer optics: higher reflectivity, but also more generally a better control of the spectral response (narrowband or broadband mirrors, enhanced spectral purity, phase control, ...). Our research activity focusses on three main thematics that are interconnected: Optical Surfaces & Advanced Optical Systems, Nanoscale Interference Coatings and Ultrafast Optics.



  • IDEX Paris Saclay

    Le groupe est impliqué dans le projet LIDEX OPTO2X


    Le groupe est impliqué dans les EquipEx ATTOLAB et MORPHOSCOPE2


    Première vue intégrale du Soleil grâce aux satellites STEREO.