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Alain Aspect

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Augustin Fresnel Professor at Institut d'Optique
Professor (part time) at Ecole Polytechnique
CNRS Distinguished Scientist (Directeur de recherche CNRS) emeritus at Laboratoire Charles Fabry

Contacts and Adress:
Textbook on Quantum Optics

Introduction to Quantum Optics: from the semi-classical approach to quantized light,
Gilbert Grynberg, Alain Aspect, Claude Fabre ,
revised with help of Fabien Bretenaker and Antoine Browaeys,
Foreword by Claude Cohen-Tannoudji
For more information see

Single photons interference building up

A movie showing how interference fringes build up with a genuine source of single photons (for more information, see courtesy Jean-François Roch), and the corresponding Quantum Optics calcualtions as presented in chapter 5 of Introduction to Quantum Optics

Excerpts from Introduction to Quantum Optics (PDF / 843,90 kB)
Excerpts of Introduction to Quantum Optics
L'histoire d'un photon

Un récit mis en image par Anne Papillault et Jean-François Dars, et faisant partie de la merveilleuse collection d'histoires courtes disponibles sur

Notes de cours à télécharger
Copie transparents cours M2 Nanosciences / Nanophysique
laser vue d'ensemble transparents (PDF / 883,78 kB)
Extraits des notes de cours à l'Ecole Polytechnique
laser vue d ensemble (PDF / 930,62 kB)
laser continu (PDF / 498,06 kB)
laser continu
laser manipulation of atoms (PDF / 1,01 MB)
Laser cooling of atoms and atom lasers

Some papers of AA not so easy to find
  • John Bell and the second quantum revolution (foreword of "Speakable and unspeakble in quantum Mechanics", J.S. Bell papers on quantum mechanics, Cambridge University Press, 2004)
    Foreword to Bell collected papers (PDF / 204,43 kB)
  • Bell Theorem: the naïve view of an experimentalist (a presentation of Bell's theorem with a review of the experimental tests of Bell's inequalities, 2004)


  • Group meeting / Seminars

    Group meetings take place every monday at 11:00 in Salle du conseil (2nd floor)

    10.02.14: News from team Theory

    24.02.14: News from team Disordered 2D gases

    03.03.14: C. Muller (Konstanz University)